Coronavirus: Decisions on Championship, League One, League Two fates delayed after EFL board meeting

Coronavirus: Decisions on Championship
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Number of league clubs have written to EFL to precise their views on end-of-season decisions

Football League clubs are set for a fresh round of talks with the EFL after a committee meeting on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the board checked out three different situations currently facing the Championship, League One and League Two, in determining the way to conclude the 2019/20 season.

League One remains the foremost contentious issue, with the 23 clubs failing to comply with how forward for concluding the season.

Unlike their League Two counterparts, there remains variety of various opinions between the clubs, 

with alittle group wanting the season completed behind closed doors and a majority who want to ascertain the campaign ended now thanks to financial and operational concerns.

The problem is that regardless of what option is preferred, there’ll be winners and losers. 

Clubs in and round the play-offs feel they need still an honest chance of getting promotion to the Championship, which might bring with it an increased revenue of a minimum of £6m.

However, for many of the clubs, the financial implications of COVID-19 testing and staging games behind closed doors is unworkable and unacceptable.

League One clubs now need to decide, time is against them which are going to be at the forefront of everybody’s mind once they next meet.

On the opposite hand, League Two appears to possess found how forward but while the indicative vote they agreed last Friday does provides a direction, 

there are still hurdles to climb especially with the ‘no relegation’ issue.

For the proposal to become reality, a regulation change would be required – and through a season, that’s an unprecedented occurrence.

The proposal has got to be sanctioned by the FA, which features a place on the EFL board but also will need to take under consideration National League considerations. 

While the likes of Stevenage and Macclesfield Town are ready to breathe slightly easier over the previous couple of days, it isn’t set in stone that this request are going to be adopted.

For Championship clubs, it’s all about returning to playing games. A 42-page protocol document was sent bent all clubs in the week , 

containing strict guidelines on a return to training and ultimately playing, and this was discussed at the committee meeting on Wednesday.

Coronavirus testing are going to be administered by Championship clubs on Thursday and Friday in the week with results becoming known on Sunday, 

before a proposed return to group training on legal holiday Monday.

The board members want to make sure that each one bases are covered in what’s a crucial week for the second tier of English football.

There has been tons of talk in recent weeks, but there’s a way that the time has now arrived for decisions to be made, with a requirement for compromise essential.

Clubs are going to be required to discard their own agendas in some cases for the longer term stability of the league, 

and chairman Rick Parry will look to bring all sides together to realize that.


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