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The Serie A blueprint that Leeds United will be hoping the EFL follows

The Serie A blueprint that Leeds United
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Bosses of Serie A – Italy’s top-flight league – have confirmed that they need laid out plans to undertake and complete the 2019/20 season.

Italy was amongst the primary countries in Europe to temporarily suspended their season due to the coronavirus pandemic, 

because the virus began to comb its way across the country, causing mass panic and chaos within the process.

Though by no means are Italy out of the woods just yet, the amount of cases are starting to ease across the country, 

meaning the Italian Football Federation is watching the likelihood of resuming the season within the not too distant future.

On Monday, Serie A bosses held a gathering and outlined their plans to conclude the season, 

despite some clubs not willing to entertain the thought of playing again until the country is totally out of danger.

“The Lega Serie A Council that met today [Monday] unanimously confirmed its intention to finish the 2019-2020 season, 

if the govt allows it to require place,” Italy’s top flight said during a statement.

The statement added that any resumption will happen “in accordance with regulations laid out by FIFA and UEFA” and therefore the Italian Football Federation [FIGC], 

and “in compliance with medical protocols to guard the players”.

The seven clubs who aren’t keen on the thought of resuming playing again just yet are Brescia, Torino, Sampdoria, Udinese, SPAL, Genoa and Sardinian outfit Cagliari. 

They assert they are doing not want to return to playing matches just yet due to the “incalculable risk” of restarting, consistent with reports in Italy.

Of those seven clubs, six of them, excluding Cagliari, are based within the north of the country, which has been the worst affected area by the virus. 

In northern Italy, a complete of 24,000 people have died as a results of COVID-19.

No football has been played in Italy since March 9 with the present lockdown measures within the country extended to May 3.

Vincenzo Spadafora, the sports minister, will meet with FIGC officials midweek, but he has warned that he’s unsure that Serie A teams can even resume training.

“I am not giving any assurances for the beginning of the championship or training on May 4, if the conditions for the country don’t exist beforehand,” Spadafora told Tg2 Post.

“Sport isn’t just football and it’s not only Serie A.

“I will evaluate very carefully, but this must not create the illusion that resuming training means resuming the championship.”


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